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Edge Talks Character Change Heading Into WrestleMania 37

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The Rated R Superstar Edge recently spoke during a media call for WWE. The former World Heavyweight Champion discussed a number of topics during the call, including his ‘tweener’ character he portrayed heading into WrestleMania 37.

Edge of course was part of the Night 2 main event alongside Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in the Universal Championship match.

‘When you find out it’s a triple threat, you go, okay, we both can’t play the underdog hero” Edge began. “That Rocky vibe and both pull that off. If you look at the both of us, well, that’s Bryan. That’s his thing. No one does that better than him.”

“I’d like to think if I could come at it with that little ’˜Rated R’ vibe back, that gives me an edge that I think our audience was ready to see” The ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ continued. “I think we’re past, and here’s what’s difficult because we don’t have the audience to really know, but I think they were past this veteran who’s coming back.”

Edge on Tweener Character

“Can he do it? He’s questioning” Edge noted. “They saw that with Randy [Orton], and that worked there. I thought it could continue to work, but I saw that it wasn’t, and then you throw Bryan into the mix, okay, he’s going to corner that market. Roman [Reigns] is cornering his market.”

‘I have to find a direction to come from here, and to me, it’s neither heel nor babyface” The Rated R Superstar stated. “It’s not hero. It’s not a villain it’s Edge. And he wants back what he never lost, and the character of Edge was always driven by the championship. Nothing else.”

“It was so simple. Edge wants the title” the former World Champion concluded. “That’s it. Doesn’t matter who has it. It could have been Batista. It could have been JBL. That’s what Edge wants.’

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