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Kay Lee Ray Talks Meiko Satomura’s Influence in NXT UK

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WWE NXT UK Superstar and the brand’s Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray recently spoke to Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes. The former ICW performer discussed a number of topics during the interview, including Japanese pro wrestling legend Meiko Satomura and her inclusion as part of the United Kingdom brand’s roster.

“Everything. She brings everything to NXT UK” Kay Lee Ray began, discussing Satomura. “I’ve seen the girls, they’re in awe of her. Like, everything she says, everything she does there, they’re picking up everything, they’re learning everything and this division’s going to get stronger.”

“I’ve said, since I’ve been champion, I’ve seen hunger in their eyes and it’s scary because she’s feeding that” Ray continued. “She’s making them better and our division is going to be SO strong, it is so strong already but it’s just growing and these girls are seeing the potential that that can happen here and they’re taken it and running with it and Meiko’s only fueling that fire here.”

Kay Lee Ray on NXT UK Roster

Finally, Kay Lee Ray was asked who she sees on the NXT UK roster as future potential stars. “I’ve got two in mind, I’m going to go with two just now and they’ve got a match coming up. So this could be a really good shout and the two of them are hungry, and I’m going to go with two girls here.”

“The two of them are hungry, the two of them are fiery and they could take over this company and it’s Xia Brookside and Amale” KLR revealed. “Those two right now, I see it. I see when they pass, I see it in training and I see that drive that they have and I think we could get some very big things from them two.”

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