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Kurt Angle Discusses If Chad Gable Should LEAVE WWE

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently discussed WWE Superstar Chad Gable, saying that he is being underutilized in WWE. Angle made the comments during The Kurt Angle Show podcast on

‘I would say, and I wrestled him late in my career, Chad Gable,’ Angle began on the podcast. ‘I think this kid has so much potential. I know the company started pushing him, then they laid off, then they pushed him and laid off.”

“I don’t know if it has to do with his size, but the guy’s amazing” Angle continued. “In real life, he can whoop any of those wrestlers asses.”

‘He’s a real life badass and to not have him go to the main event level where he deserves to be, it blows my mind” Kurt Angle continued/ “He is a very talented, great technical wrestler, former Olympian, you can’t ask for anything more than that.”

Kurt Angle on Chad Gable

Angle finished by discussing if Chad Gable should leave WWE and go to the likes of New Japan Pro Wrestling to get a ‘makeover.’

‘I think so, I wouldn’t encourage him to do it,’ Angle stated. ‘I wouldn’t give anybody that type of advice, I’d want them to do what they’re comfortable with doing but Chad does need a makeover.”

“Him going there [NJPW] and getting more experience and coming back with a different character with something with a subtle change, I think that would really help him” Kurt Angle concluded. “I’m not saying he should do it, I’m just saying it’s not bad advice to go ahead and do that.”

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