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Kurt Angle Recalls Brock Lesnar Asking Him For Advice For AJ Styles Match

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Kurt Angle has joined the roster over at AdFreeShows and The Kurt Angle Show podcast will be available every week for free on all major podcast providers.

The very first episode of the show was released a week early for Patreon subscribers to AdFreeShows and saw Kurt Angle discussing his WrestleMania 19 main event match against Brock Lesnar.

Angle began by praising Lesnar as an athlete and also his abilities as an entertainer. “Brock got it” Angle began on the show. “He was, you know, he got the entertainment aspect, And the work that he did? He’s one of the best technical workers in the business, especially when he wants to sell for you.”

Kurt Angle on Lesnar vs AJ

Kurt Angle then recalled a situation where Lesnar asked for his advice before facing AJ Styles in WWE. Angle and Styles of course have a history from their work together in TNA/IMPACT; and Angle was more than happy to say just how good The Phenomenal One is in-ring. “I remember a match between him and AJ Styles couple years ago. Brock said well ‘what about this AJ kid? Is he, you know, is he good?’ I said ‘he’s really good. If you sell for him Brock? You’re gonna have a five star match.'”

Angle then finished by praising The Beast Incarnate for the match itself from Survivor Series 2017 (which you can check out below). “Brock sold for AJ, and it was…it was incredible. That was the type of match that I wanted to have with Brock. Brock had to sell in order to make the fans believe that I could win.”

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