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Rumoured Gimmick For The Fiend vs Randy Orton at WWE Royal Rumble 2021

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‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt was recently set on fire by fellow WWE Superstar Randy Orton. Whilst the image of Wyatt burning at the end of WWE’s TLC PPV last month was shocking? It was only a matter of time before The Fiend returned and the feud was continued.

With Alexa Bliss on television to help move the storyline along, Orton has been teased into another ’bout’ with the Fiend. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Ringside News have claimed that the ‘match’ is going to be another Firefly Funhouse contest.

We’ve only ever seen one other Firefly Funhouse ‘match’ in WWE history. John Cena competed (?) in the special match type at WrestleMania last year. In terms of spectacles in WWE? The Funhouse was quite possibly one the strangest we’ve ever seen. John Cena was forced to essentially relive his entire career, with mentions of Nikki Bella, the heel turn that never happened and even Vince McMahon’s puppet saying ‘such good sh*t.’

Is The Fiend Bringing The Concept Back?

Now what is extremely interesting is how this will play out with Randy Orton in the frame. John Cena has not been seen on WWE programming since the Firefly Funhouse match ended, could we see the same fate for Orton? There’s a ton of history and backstage rumour for WWE to play off in terms of making a FFH match fit around Orton.

Could we see the likes of Evolution appear during the match? Edge potentially? There’s a lot of unanswered questions that will need to be answered when we hit the Royal Rumble. Even though this is yet another ‘gimmick’ match in this rivalry? It’s an opportunity for WWE to revamp the ‘cinematic’ style of match once again, with the concept being dangerously close to being stale late in 2020.

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