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Jim Cornette Claims that MASSIVE AEW Star is Being HELD BACK by Colleague

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, opinions and critiques are as common as the high-flying moves and dramatic storylines that captivate audiences worldwide. One voice that never shies away from sharing his views is Jim Cornette, a seasoned wrestling personality.

Recently, Cornette has turned his critical eye towards All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and its handling of one of its top stars, Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson, known for his unparalleled wrestling skills and ability to adapt to any role, has always risen to the occasion whenever AEW has called upon him.

Cornette, in his recent commentary, lauded Danielson for his unwavering commitment and dedication to the promotion. He highlighted how Danielson has consistently stepped up, regardless of the challenges thrown his way.

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Jim Cornette on The Moxley Factor

However, Cornette’s praise for Danielson came with a significant caveat on his Jim Cornette Experience Podcast. He firmly believes that Jon Moxley, another prominent figure in AEW, has inadvertently held Danielson back. Cornette’s critique centred around the perception that Danielson has been overshadowed in a group that includes Moxley.

He expressed his frustration, stating that fans saw less of Danielson than they did of other wrestlers, even though Danielson was the one they most wanted to see.

Cornette didn’t mince his words when discussing Moxley’s influence, referring to him as a “garbage wrestler” and criticising the entire gimmick that saw Danielson’s visibility reduced.

He felt that this approach did a disservice to Danielson’s talent and the audience’s desire to see more of him: “A strap match may be easier with a bad arm than a regular style Danielson match but he can do all of these. He’s been hidden for so long in that goofy group with that st*pid bald fcking garbage wrestler Moxley and that fcking ridiculous whole gimmick where you saw less of Danielson than you did of everybody else. AND he’s [Danielson] the one that you wanted to see.”

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