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HUGE AEW star reveals UNBELIEVABLE recent health diagnosis

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Professional wrestling is a physically demanding sport, with its athletes often pushing their bodies to the limit for the sake of entertainment. However, even the most resilient of wrestlers aren’t immune to the wear and tear that comes with the territory. A recent revelation from a top AEW star has left fans and fellow wrestlers alike in shock.

Three-time AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, recently opened up about the toll his near two-decade-long career has taken on his body.

In a candid conversation on the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast, Moxley shared a startling diagnosis. A doctor informed him that he has arthritis comparable to that of a 70-year-old.

This revelation was not only surprising but also humbling for the wrestler.

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The Hidden Impact of Travelling in AEW and WWE

While the in-ring action is undoubtedly strenuous, Moxley highlighted an often-overlooked aspect of a wrestler’s life that has significantly impacted his health: travelling.

He expressed that the constant travelling felt more like his job, with wrestling being the reward at the end of a tiring day: “Nothing to me is worse or does more damage than just the travelling. For years it was like travelling was my job, the wrestling part was a kind of reward at the end of the day.

“You know, your life becomes travelling at a certain point in this game. It’s really amazing how that adds up on your body and your joints and stuff.”

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The Struggles of Mornings

Moxley’s arthritis has affected his daily life, especially in the mornings. He candidly shared that he doesn’t move well during the early hours, expressing gratitude that wrestling shows are typically held at night:

“The doctor last year told me that I have the Arthritis of a 70-year-old man. And that was quite humbling, that was a year or two ago.

“So by now, it’s like a 72-year-old man. I don’t move very well in the mornings but thank god shows are at night because by then I’m pretty loosened up.

“If the wrestling shows took place in the morning, like Saturday Morning Superstars [in WWE], if we started doing like those early territory style studio TV tapings on like Sunday Mornings. I would retire, I’d be done. A lot of times I can’t even move before noon.”

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Continued Dedication to the Sport

Despite the challenges, Moxley’s passion for wrestling remains undiminished. He continues to be a prominent figure not only in AEW but also in other promotions like NJPW, DEFY, and GCW.

Recently, he clinched the AEW International Championship, defeating Orange Cassidy. Moxley has already defended this title multiple times in a short span, showcasing his dedication and resilience.

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