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Stephanie McMahon: MAJOR WWE Superstar was ‘uncomfortable’ doing romance angle with her

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In the world of WWE, storylines often take unexpected turns, and sometimes, they can lead to discomfort among the superstars involved.

One such instance involved Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and Rob Van Dam (RVD), a major WWE superstar.

RVD recently revealed on his 1 Of A Kind podcast that he was uncomfortable with a romance storyline involving Stephanie.

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RVD’s Discomfort

RVD, known for his high-flying manoeuvres and charismatic personality, was never at ease with the romance angle. He was more interested in showcasing his wrestling skills than getting involved in such storylines.

The discomfort was so profound that he felt compelled to discuss it with Stephanie and Bruce Prichard, a prominent figure in WWE’s creative team.

“I saw where the story was going and I was uncomfortable with it. So because of that, I was like, ‘Man, you know, I just want to wrestle. I don’t want to get involved in storylines like this.’ I don’t remember who I told first. I remember having a talk with Stephanie, and I was really upset about it.

“I remember Stephanie trying to make me feel comfortable with it, and she said, predictably, ‘Just look at it like we’re just actors and you’re just playing a part'” Rob Van Dam revealed.

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The Conversation with Stephanie McMahon

RVD’s conversation with Stephanie was a significant turning point. He expressed his discomfort and dissatisfaction with the storyline, which he believed was veering away from his core interest – wrestling.

Stephanie, in an attempt to alleviate his concerns, tried to frame the situation from an actor’s perspective. She suggested that they were merely playing parts in a larger narrative.

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Dialogue with Bruce Prichard

RVD also had a conversation with Bruce Prichard about the romance angle. As a newcomer to WWE at the time, RVD was still trying to navigate the chain of command.

Prichard appreciated RVD’s honesty and expressed that without such communication, he wouldn’t have known about RVD’s discomfort. This conversation seemed to have gone well, according to RVD.

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