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Vince McMahon gets LIFE ALTERING surgery and may not return to WWE

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In a turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, Vince McMahon, the iconic figurehead of WWE, recently underwent a significant spinal surgery.

This operation, described by those close to McMahon as a “major, life-altering operation,” has raised questions about the future of WWE and McMahon’s role within it.

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Vince McMahon Surgery: A Five-Hour Marathon

The surgery, which reportedly lasted five hours, was a major spinal operation. The details of the procedure have not been disclosed, but the term “life-altering” suggests a significant impact on McMahon’s health and lifestyle.

The operation was so serious that it prevented McMahon from participating in last week’s SmackDown and this week’s RAW, two of WWE’s flagship programs.

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Impact on WWE Operations

The immediate impact of McMahon’s surgery on WWE operations is evident. With McMahon unable to work, Bruce Prichard, a long-time WWE executive, stepped in to run the show, according to Fightful Select:

“We asked WWE if this would affect his work moving forward, and were not given a direct answer on that. However, we also learned that Triple H was not at WWE Raw this past Monday, and the show was run by Bruce Prichard. However, Triple H is expected back imminently.”

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The Future of McMahon in WWE

The question on everyone’s mind is whether this surgery will affect McMahon’s work on the WWE product in the future.

No direct answer has been provided yet, but considering the severity of the operation, it’s reasonable to speculate that McMahon’s role might change.

Several talents on the roster were reportedly unaware of McMahon’s surgery until it was made public, suggesting that the operation was kept under wraps.

This secrecy might indicate the seriousness of McMahon’s condition and its potential implications for his future in WWE.

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