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Jon Moxley unleashes on CM Punk and AEW drama

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All Elite Wrestling star Jon Moxley recently went off on CM Punk and the drama backstage in the company right now.

Speaking on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast, he discussed the recent issues with Punk and how it has affected backstage morale.

“No, because nothing has unfolded”, the former AEW Champion began discussing the situation. “It’s f***ing annoying. Just because somebody said some stupid sh*t on social media, that’s not news. But it is, and it ends up being a thing.

“I don’t want to get dragged into this dumb sh*t. I could f***ing unload on a lot of f***ing people right now,” Moxley added. “And when I start getting dragged into this sh*t, it tempts me to do that, but I’m not going to f***ing sink to that level.”

Jon Moxley vs CM Punk

The former WWE Superstar also made a massive reveal regarding his AEW contract and the fact that he wasn’t actually in a deal when the alleged issues between he and Punk went down in 2022.

“I will say this. I will give you a tid bit of information from my point of view. The entire summer, I was not under contract. No contract. [I was a] Free agent. I was at Summerslam weekend wrestling Desperado and sh*t the day of Summerslam.

“I could have walked into Summerslam that night with the AEW f***ing belt if I had been so inclined. Nobody knew that because I don’t put my sh*t out there in the world and let everybody know every f***ing thing about my business” Moxley revealed.

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