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WWE Hall of Famer says Tony Khan DOES NOT have ‘WWE type money’

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Kurt Angle believes Tony Khan doesn’t have ‘WWE type money.’

WWE didn’t have any competition for almost two decades after the downfall of WCW. The promotion ruled the wrestling world during this time and decided which stars reached the top of the industry.

This changed, however, when Tony Khan entered the wrestling business in 2019. The son of a billionaire Shad Khan is one of the few people who can match the financial power of Vince McMahon. Tony has shown the willingness to take on McMahon and spend the money to compete with WWE whether it’s for talent contracts or production values.

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Kurt Angle says WWE is a monster

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was asked about the emergence of AEW in an interview with Grue Rume Show (H/t Fightful). He claimed that while AEW is doing great, WWE is still in the lead:

“It’s cr*zy because fans pick sides. They pick who their favorite is. WWE is still in the lead, I think they’ll always be in the lead, don’t get me wrong, AEW is doing great, they’ve done pretty well in ratings from time to time and been close to beating WWE in ratings at certain points.”

The wrestling veteran claimed that WWE is just a monster compared to any other company and Tony Khan does not have the money they have:

“The WWE is just a monster. They are a company worth $9 billion. When you have that kind of money behind you, it’s hard to compete with. Don’t get me wrong, Tony Kahn has money too, but not WWE-type money,”

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