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Tony Khan makes a big claim about AEW All In 2023

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The future of the wrestling world is taking shape as two giants of the industry, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), further deepen their strategic partnership. This alliance is now more imperative than ever, according to AEW President Tony Khan.’‹

In an industry where competition is fierce and the landscape is continually changing, having a reliable partner can be a game-changer.

Amid talks of a potential merger between WWE and Endeavor, Khan highlighted the need for a solid ally in the wrestling arena. The strengthened bond between AEW and NJPW is a strategic move to bolster their positions in the industry’‹.

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Tony Khan on A Blossoming Partnership

The partnership between AEW and NJPW has seen several talent exchanges that have reaped significant benefits for both sides.

Speaking to Reuters, Khan said that both All Elite and New Japan need to collaborate more to ensure that they have a strong counter to the WWE and Endeavor partnership: “In a world where the proposed merger happens, as it is suggested on paper, then I would believe the AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling partnership is more imperative than ever before.”

The inaugural Forbidden Door event in June 2022 is a testament to their fruitful alliance. This event, held at the United Center in Chicago, was a smashing success, selling out and drawing approximately 140,000 buys on both traditional and streaming pay-per-view platforms, according to Wrestlenomics’‹’‹.

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NJPW’s Global Expansion

This partnership has proved to be particularly beneficial for NJPW in its pursuit of global expansion. Takami Ohbari, the president of NJPW, has acknowledged the positive impact of the alliance with AEW.

The relationship has contributed to a notable growth in NJPW’s international revenue, which increased by 14% during the pandemic. Looking ahead, the company is optimistic about doubling this growth by 2026’‹.

Forthcoming Collaborations

The collaboration between the two wrestling titans is set to continue with more exciting joint ventures on the horizon.

AEW is sending Jon Moxley to wrestle for New Japan on July 4th. Additionally, Eddie Kingston, another renowned talent from AEW, has been announced for the G1 Climax event this summer, further showcasing the depth of the partnership’‹.

The strengthened relationship between AEW and NJPW is shaping the future of the wrestling industry. In terms of AEW All In 2023, Khan noted that there should be a collaboration at that event too: “It would be a huge benefit to AEW if there is participation from New Japan Pro Wrestling and some of their top stars in the event.”

As they continue to navigate the competitive landscape, their collaborative efforts are expected to bring even more exciting events and exchanges for wrestling fans around the world.

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