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Tony Khan: WWE legend claims that he is working directly with former WWE writer

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Bully Ray, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently critiqued AEW (All Elite Wrestling) on an episode of Busted Open Radio. He accused AEW of always assuming that its audience is fully aware of the ongoing developments in its product and claimed that Tony Khan is working directly with a former WWE writer.

He also pointed out that AEW seems to cater only to its existing fanbase, which he believes is a mistake.

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AEW and Assumptions About Their Audience

Bully Ray expressed his concern that AEW takes for granted that their audience knows everything at every time.

He suggested that AEW should not make such assumptions. Instead, they should remind their fanbase and spoon-feed them information.

He stated, “You have to remind the fanbase and spoon-feed them. One of the things that I think AEW takes for granted is that their audience knows everything at every time.”

He further emphasised the importance of recapping events from previous weeks, something he believes WWE does better than any other promotion. He suggested that AEW should work to improve in this area.

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AEW: Catering Only to Their Fanbase?

Bully Ray also criticized AEW for only catering to their fanbase. He acknowledged that AEW’s fanbase is loyal and will stick by the company, but he also pointed out the importance of reaching out to new viewers.

He said, “This is where AEW has another issue. They only cater to their fanbase. That fanbase ain’t going anywhere. That fanbase is loyal. They will stick by Tony, AEW, until that company goes on for another hundred years or ends tomorrow. But, in catering to them, assume ’¦ somebody tuned in tonight who’s never seen your show.”

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Jimmy Jacobs’ Creative Involvement with Tony Khan in AEW

In the same interview, Bully Ray also discussed the creative involvement of Jimmy Jacobs in AEW programming. Jacobs, who was hired by AEW last month, has left his creative fingerprints on the programming, according to Bully Ray.

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Jimmy Jacobs’ Creative Mind

Bully Ray praised Jacobs’ creative mind and his ability to listen and keep an open mind to a lot of ideas.

He said, “As a person who just recently, for the last six to eight months, got to work with Jimmy Jacobs, I saw his creative mind and how he works, how he listens, and how he keeps a very open mind to a lot of ideas.”

Bully Ray also revealed that AEW recently reached out to Jacobs and made him a lucrative offer that he could not turn down.

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Working with Tony Khan

According to Bully Ray, Jacobs is now working hand in hand with Tony Khan, the co-owner of AEW. He believes that Jacobs’ influence is already visible in the programming, especially in the friendship between MJF and Adam Cole.

He said, “Jimmy is now working, I believe, hand in hand with Tony, and a lot of the stuff that I saw last night, especially the friendship between MJF and Adam Cole, was very reminiscent of things I had seen in WWE in the past.”

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