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AEW star reacts to Sasha Banks and Naomi walk out

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The situation with Sasha Banks and Naomi has been the talk of the town for the wrestling world. AEW stars have not been behind in discussing it. CM Punk recently advised WWE locker room to stand behind both the stars. Ruby Soho, who is friends with both stars has now commented on it as well.

In an interview with CBS Sports, the AEW star revealed her thoughts on the controversy. She explained that everyone’s experience is different and we only know the outside perspective on the whole thing:

“I feel like everyone’s experiences are different. I have for a long time considered Sasha and Naomi to be friends of mine. If that in the moment and in their heart of hearts is what they felt like they needed to do, then I can only understand from an outside perspective because you never know with that kind of stuff.”

Regarding their decision to walk out of the company, Ruby Soho said that everybody handles things differently. According to her, you can’t really say what you will do in such a situation until you have experienced it yourself:

“Everybody handles things differently. Everybody has different experiences. So until you’re in the shoes of that person, you can’t always say what you would do. It’s definitely one of those things where I’m glad that they did what was best for them and what they felt was right at the time.”

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Martin MacDonald