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Tony Khan addresses rumors of Dynamite and Collision roster split

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Tony Khan says he hasn’t drawn any lines for a hard brand split with Collision.

AEW is set to debut its third weekly Television show this Saturday. The show dubbed Collision is expected to be a flagship show like Dynamite, as compared to Rampage.

There have been all sorts of rumours about how the company is going to manage their roster with the new show. Due to the heat between CM Punk and The Elite, the belief is that we will see an unofficial roster split to avoid any altercations.

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Tony Khan has not drawn any lines

Tony Khan addressed the rumours of a brand split during his appearance on the Rasslin’ podcast. He claimed that he hasn’t locked AEW into a split roster:

‘I am going to feature certain talent on certain shows, but I haven’t drawn any hard lines or locked us into any kind of split of a roster. I think people are gonna be featured on certain shows, but I also think that gives us a great opportunity to showcase certain wrestlers on both Dynamite and Collision at certain times and certain stories that can cross the shows.”

Khan confirmed that AEW champions will be appearing on both the shows and even beyond that. He mentioned how the company is not shy about their wrestlers competing on other promotions:

“I think the champions of AEW will be the champions on every show, and frankly, every promotion in the world. We’re not shy about the AEW wrestlers going out and taking on the top stars, top competition from other companies.”

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