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Who is Shauna Bannon? Everything you need to know about the UFC debutant

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Shauna Bannon “Mama B”, a 29-year-old Strawweight fighter, is a name that has been making waves in the world of mixed martial arts.

Training under UFC veteran Paddy Holohan, Bannon has been on a winning streak, both as an amateur and a professional.

Her amateur career ended with a five-fight win streak, and she has continued this success in her professional career, most recently defeating Minna Grusander in March 2023.

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The Fighting Style of Bannon

Bannon’s fighting style is a blend of dexterity and speed, with a strong emphasis on taekwondo. Her striking attack is anchored by quick kicks and rapid-fire punching combinations.

She is constantly in motion, comfortable in either stance and adept at delivering body kicks and straight punches. Her taekwondo background lends her impressive speed and agility, allowing her to effectively mix up her head and body kicks.

However, Bannon’s fighting style is not without its challenges. She tends to be awkward in the pocket, often getting hit and momentarily derailing, allowing opponents to follow up with combinations before she can tie up or retreat to a safer distance. Despite this, her durability is commendable, and she recovers quickly.

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Bannon’s Ground Game

On the mat, Bannon is equally capable. She boasts strong ground-and-pound and is more than capable of getting submissions from her back.

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The Future of Shauna Bannon in UFC

Bannon’s athleticism and well-rounded skills make her a formidable contender at 115 pounds. If she maintains her momentum, she should be able to handle her debut opponent, Bruna Brasil.

Brasil’s range management fell apart in the face of Denise Gomes’ pressure, which could work to Bannon’s advantage.

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