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The 7 Best WWE Matches of All Time (Ranked)

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The world of WWE has gifted fans with countless unforgettable matches, each unique in its drama, athleticism, and storytelling.

While it’s a challenging task to narrow down the best of the best, a combination of fan opinions, critical acclaim, and historical significance helps in creating a list that captures the essence of WWE’s most exceptional encounters.

Here are the seven best WWE matches of all time, ranked for their impact, technical prowess, and entertainment value.

7. Drew McIntyre vs. Gunther vs. Sheamus – WWE WrestleMania 39

A more recent addition to this list, the triple threat match between Drew McIntyre, Gunther, and Sheamus at WrestleMania 39 showcased the evolution of WWE‘s in-ring product.

This match was a perfect blend of technical skill, high-flying manoeuvres, and raw power, captivating the audience from start to finish.

6. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels – Ladder Match – WrestleMania X

This groundbreaking ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X set a new standard for what could be achieved in a WWE ring.

The innovative use of the ladder not just as a tool to reach the championship but as a weapon in the match itself was revolutionary at the time.

5. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker – WWE WrestleMania 25

The first of two epic WrestleMania encounters between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, their WrestleMania 25 match is often hailed as one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time.

The near-falls, the dramatic storytelling, and the sheer athleticism displayed by both veterans created a timeless classic.

4. Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz – TLC Match – WrestleMania X-Seven

The TLC match at WrestleMania X-Seven involving Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudley Boyz redefined tag team wrestling.

This high-risk, high-reward spectacle was filled with memorable moments and death-defying stunts that left the audience in awe.

3. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Match – Badd Blood: In Your House

This Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker at Badd Blood in 1997 set the standard for all future matches of its kind.

The brutal and breathtaking encounter showcased the incredible athleticism and storytelling ability of both wrestlers, making it a landmark event in WWE history.

2. CM Punk vs. John Cena – Money in the Bank 2011

A match that blurred the lines between reality and fiction, CM Punk’s clash with John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011 was a storytelling masterpiece.

Punk’s victory, amidst rumours of his departure from WWE, created an electrifying atmosphere that is remembered as one of the most captivating moments in wrestling.

1. Bret Hart vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – No Disqualification Submission Match at WrestleMania 13: The Greatest WWE Match in History

In a match that redefined the careers of both wrestlers, Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin faced off in a no-disqualification submission match at WrestleMania 13.

The intensity and raw emotion displayed in this bout, culminating in Austin’s iconic refusal to submit despite being locked in the Sharpshooter, marked a pivotal moment in WWE history.


  • What makes these matches stand out in WWE history? These matches are renowned for their storytelling, in-ring technicality, and the emotional connection they establish with the audience.
  • How are these matches ranked? The ranking is based on a combination of fan opinions, critical acclaim, and their historical significance in the WWE narrative.
  • Are these matches available for viewing? Most of these matches can be viewed on WWE’s streaming platforms or on DVD collections.
  • Who are some of the recurring wrestlers in these top matches? Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are recurring names, known for their exceptional performances in high-stakes matches.
  • What impact did these matches have on the wrestlers’ careers? Many of these matches were pivotal in defining or redefining the careers of the wrestlers involved, often elevating them to legendary status.
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