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Jim Cornette rips into AEW match

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Former WWE backstage member of staff Jim Cornette recently ripped into an All Elite Wrestling match, calling it “embarrassing.”

Speaking on his The Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Corny made it clear that he was NOT a fan of the Barbed Wire Everywhere match on AEW Dynamite recently.

‘It only took 15 minutes, but this was 15 of the most embarrassing minutes that pro wrestling has ever seen, because like you said they got everything in this one. The match is called Barbed Wire Everywhere” Cornette would begin.

‘They’re both a bunch of p*ssies. What the f*ck? Also no DQ, lazy booking! No time limit, blah, blah, blah” Cornette concluded.

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Jim Cornette on Jericho vs Kingston

Now, Cornette isn’t the only person to take umbrage with the match from AEW Dynamite recently; fans have been ripping into the concept and the match itself too.

It’s unlikely that we will see anything like this going forward. Hopefully, the feud between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston will be wrapped up shortly.

Despite Kingston and Jericho being some of the best talents on the AEW roster, they just don’t appear to have gelled.

YouTube video
Video from the official All Elite Wrestling YouTube Channel
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