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Best UK and Ireland Female Wrestlers in WWE Right Now: Becky Lynch, Tegan Nox and more

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In recent years, WWE has seen a significant shift in its portrayal and promotion of female wrestlers. Gone are the days of mere eye candy; today’s female wrestlers are athletic, charismatic, and central to WWE’s storytelling.

This change has been particularly evident in the emergence of several talented female wrestlers from the UK and Ireland, who have made a substantial impact in the WWE arena.

Becky Lynch: The Man at the Top

Becky Lynch, hailing from Ireland, stands out as a prominent figure in WWE’s women’s division. Known as “The Man,” Lynch has redefined women’s wrestling with her charisma, in-ring skills, and compelling storylines.

Her journey from a plucky underdog to one of the company’s top stars is a testament to her resilience and talent.

Tegan Nox: A Rising Star in WWE

Tegan Nox, a Welsh professional wrestler, has been making waves in WWE with her remarkable resilience and impressive in-ring abilities.

Her journey in WWE is a story of overcoming adversity, marked by a series of unfortunate injuries that would have ended lesser careers.

Despite these setbacks, Nox has consistently demonstrated her passion and determination to succeed in the wrestling world.

Lyra Valkyria: A Rising Phenomenon in NXT

Lyra Valkyria, a captivating talent in WWE’s NXT brand, has quickly become a name to watch. Her unique blend of athleticism and charismatic presence sets her apart in the NXT women’s division.

Hailing from Ireland, Valkyria adds to the impressive roster of talent from the UK and Ireland making an impact in WWE.

WWE NXT UK: A Former Breeding Ground for Talent

NXT UK was instrumental in showcasing female wrestling talent from the UK and Ireland.

The platform allowed wrestlers to hone their skills, develop their characters, and gain a following before transitioning to the main roster of WWE.


  • Who is considered the top female wrestler from the UK and Ireland in the company?
    • Becky Lynch is widely regarded as one of the top female wrestlers from this region, known for her strong in-ring performance and compelling character work.
  • What impact did Paige have on WWE’s women’s division?
    • Paige was a trailblazer in the women’s division, known for her unique style and being one of the youngest champions in WWE history.
  • How has NXT UK contributed to the rise of female wrestlers?
    • NXT UK was a crucial platform for developing and showcasing female wrestling talent from the UK and Ireland, preparing them for the global stage of WWE.
  • What is the future outlook for UK and Ireland female wrestlers in WWE?
    • The outlook is very positive, with increasing opportunities and a growing emphasis on women’s wrestling in WWE.
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