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WWE SmackDown UK Time: Start Time in GMT

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WWE SmackDown, the globally renowned professional wrestling show, has been a staple of sports entertainment for decades.

For fans in the United Kingdom, keeping track of the show’s schedule is crucial to stay updated with the latest matches and storylines.

This article provides comprehensive details about the SmackDown UK time, ensuring fans never miss a moment of the action.

Key PointDetail
UK Broadcast Time1:00 AM GMT on Saturdays
Broadcast ChannelTNT Sports 1 (previously mentioned as BT Sport 1, which may need verification as there seems to be a discrepancy)
Live AirCoincides with the US live broadcast
Schedule VariabilityStart time may vary due to special events or programming conflicts
Stay UpdatedCheck WWE official website or TNT Sports (or BT Sport’s) schedule

Understanding The WWE SmackDown Broadcast Schedule in the UK

WWE SmackDown airs in the United Kingdom on TNT Sports. However, the exact start time can vary due to the difference in time zones between the United States and the UK.

Typically, SmackDown is broadcast live in the United States on Friday evenings, which translates to early Saturday mornings in the UK.

Regular Start Times for WWE SmackDown in GMT

The usual start time for SmackDown in the UK is at 1:00 AM GMT on Saturdays. This time slot is consistent with the live broadcast in the United States, ensuring that UK fans experience the excitement simultaneously with their American counterparts.

It’s important to note that this schedule can occasionally change due to special events or programming conflicts.

Channels Broadcasting WWE SmackDown in the UK

In the UK, SmackDown is available on TNT Sports 1. This channel has been the home for broadcasts in the region, providing fans with not just SmackDown but also other content, including Monday Night Raw and NXT.

Staying Updated with Schedule Changes

While WWE SmackDown generally adheres to a consistent schedule, there can be changes due to various factors such as scheduling conflicts with other events.

Fans are advised to check the official WWE website or TNT Sport’s schedule for the most up-to-date information on broadcast times.


  • What time does WWE SmackDown start in the UK?
    • SmackDown typically starts at 1:00 AM GMT on Saturdays in the UK.
  • Which channel broadcasts WWE in the UK?
    • SmackDown is broadcast on BT Sport 1 in the United Kingdom.
  • Can the start time of WWE SmackDown vary in the UK?
    • Yes, the start time can occasionally change due to special events or programming conflicts.
  • Is SmackDown aired live in the UK?
    • Yes, SmackDown is aired live in the UK, coinciding with its US broadcast.
  • Where can I check for updates on WWE SmackDown’s schedule?
    • Updates can be found on the official WWE website or through TNT Sport’s programming schedule.
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