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WWE Heel Turns We Want to See in 2024

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The landscape of WWE is ever-evolving, with its dynamic storylines and character developments keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

As we look ahead to 2024, there are a few heel turns that could shake the foundations of WWE, bringing fresh narratives and rivalries into the spotlight.

Among the superstars ripe for a change are CM Punk, Tommaso Ciampa, Bianca Belair, and Raquel Rodriguez. Let’s delve into why these transformations would be compelling and how they could unfold.

CM Punk: The Anti-Hero Returns to WWE

CM Punk, known for his outspoken persona and cult following, has always walked the line between hero and villain. However, a heel turn in 2024 could reinvigorate his character, taking him back to his roots as the anti-hero who captivates audiences with his raw charisma and unapologetic attitude.

Potential Storyline:

  • Punk could start questioning the values and integrity of the current face wrestlers, accusing them of being insincere and pandering to the crowd.
  • This disillusionment could lead to a more aggressive and cynical Punk, who believes that the only way to succeed in WWE is by playing by his own rules.

Tommaso Ciampa: The Dark Transformation in WWE

Tommaso Ciampa, once a celebrated hero, could undergo a dark transformation, becoming a character that embodies betrayal and ruthlessness. His journey from a beloved figure to a despised heel would add depth to his character and create new dynamics in the ring.

Potential Storyline:

  • Ciampa could start displaying signs of frustration with his current role and the lack of opportunities coming his way.
  • This frustration could boil over, leading him to turn on his allies and embrace a more sinister persona, one that is willing to do whatever it takes to climb the ranks.

Bianca Belair: The Arrogant Champion

Bianca Belair, with her undeniable athleticism and charisma, has the potential to become a compelling heel. Her transformation into an arrogant champion, who believes no one is on her level, would provide a stark contrast to her current fan-favourite persona.

Potential Storyline:

  • Belair could start showing signs of overconfidence, belittling her opponents and claiming that no one is worthy of challenging her.
  • This arrogance could escalate, leading her to take shortcuts to retain her title, showing a disregard for the rules and the respect of her peers.

Raquel Rodriguez: The Unstoppable Force of WWE

Raquel Rodriguez, known for her strength and determination, could turn heel by becoming an unstoppable force that bulldozes anyone in her path. Her transition into a dominant, no-nonsense heel would add a new layer to her character and shake up the women’s division.

Potential Storyline:

  • Rodriguez could grow tired of being overlooked and decide to take matters into her own hands, using her strength to dominate her opponents.
  • Her heel turn could be marked by a series of ruthless victories, where she showcases her power and determination to be at the top, regardless of who she has to go through.

The Impact of These Heel Turns

These potential heel turns would not only refresh the characters of CM Punk, Tommaso Ciampa, Bianca Belair, and Raquel Rodriguez but also inject new life into WWE’s storylines.

The shifts in character dynamics would lead to intriguing rivalries and matchups, keeping the WWE Universe engaged and excited for what’s to come.


  1. What is a heel turn in WWE?
    • A heel turn refers to when a wrestler, typically portrayed as a good guy or ‘face’, changes their character to become a villain or ‘heel’.
  2. Why are heel turns important in WWE?
    • Heel turns are crucial for keeping storylines fresh and interesting. They allow characters to evolve and create new rivalries and narratives.
  3. Has CM Punk been a heel before?
    • Yes, CM Punk has previously played the role of a heel, most notably during his time with the Straight Edge Society and as the leader of The Nexus.
  4. Could these heel turns actually happen in 2024?
    • While these are speculative scenarios, the dynamic nature of WWE means that such character developments are always a possibility.
  5. How do heel turns affect wrestler’s careers?
    • Heel turns can rejuvenate a wrestler’s career, allowing them to explore different aspects of their character and engage with the audience in new ways.
  6. Are there risks to turning a popular face into a heel?
    • Yes, there’s always a risk that the audience might not respond well to a beloved face turning heel, but if executed correctly, it can lead to some of the most memorable moments in WWE history.
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