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Alexa Bliss reacts to disgusting threat from WWE fan

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In a disturbing turn of events, WWE superstar Alexa Bliss has been subjected to a vile threat from a fan, a situation that has sparked concern and discussion among the wrestling community.

Alexa Bliss, known for her resilience and strength both in and out of the ring, recently faced a harrowing experience. A fan, whose identity remains undisclosed, issued a threatening message on social media. The fan’s message, filled with aggression and intent to harm, stated their plan to physically attack Bliss upon her return to WWE.

This threat comes at a time when Bliss and her partner, Ryan Cabrera, are celebrating the birth of their daughter, Hendrix Rogue Cabrera.

Despite the severity of the threat, Bliss responded with a composed and brave front. She replied to the fan’s post with a nonchalant remark, “Glad to see you back on Twitter.” This response, while seemingly casual, indicates Bliss’s awareness of the individual, hinting at a previous encounter with this fan.

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Alexa Bliss: A History of Harassment

This is not the first time Alexa Bliss has been targeted by overzealous fans. In the past, she has endured a barrage of threatening and inappropriate messages from obsessed followers.

One particular fan, who claimed to be married to Bliss, went as far as to falsely accuse her fiancé, Ryan Cabrera, of serious crimes.

These incidents have raised questions about the safety and privacy of public figures in the digital age.

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  • What was the nature of the threat against Alexa Bliss?
    • A fan threatened to physically attack her upon her return to WWE.
  • How did Alexa Bliss respond to the threat?
    • She replied to the fan’s post with a calm and composed message.
  • Has Alexa Bliss faced similar threats in the past?
    • Yes, she has previously dealt with threatening and inappropriate messages from obsessed fans.
  • What action was taken against the threatening tweet?
    • The tweet was removed from Twitter for violating user policies.
  • How has the wrestling community reacted to this incident?
    • The community has shown support for Bliss and condemned the threatening behavior.
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