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Reaction to HUGE WWE Departure revealed from backstage

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The world of professional wrestling has been abuzz with the recent departure of a key figure from WWE, Kevin Dunn.

Dunn, who has been an integral part of WWE’s production team, serving as the Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution, has decided to leave the company.

This move has sent shockwaves through the WWE universe, both among fans and those working backstage.

WWE: The Impact of Kevin Dunn’s Departure

Kevin Dunn has been a cornerstone in shaping the presentation of WWE television since 1993. His influence and vision have been pivotal in the evolution of WWE’s broadcast style, making his departure a significant moment in the company’s history.

The news of his exit, which was first reported around Christmas week, came as a surprise to many within the organisation.

WWE Backstage Reactions: Shock and Speculation

The backstage reaction to Dunn’s departure has been one of shock and uncertainty. According to reports from Fightful Select, several talents were taken aback, having had no inkling of Dunn’s impending exit.

This sudden change has left many wondering about the future direction of WWE’s television production.

There is speculation that Dunn’s role will not be filled by a single successor. Instead, it’s believed that his responsibilities might be distributed among several individuals who have been trained in various aspects of his role.

This potential restructuring indicates a significant shift in how WWE’s production might be managed going forward.

The Changing Landscape in WWE

Dunn’s departure is seen as part of a broader transition within WWE, with some believing that the ‘older guard’ of the company will be scaled back over the next few months.

This change comes at a time when WWE is undergoing several transformations, especially with Triple H’s increasing influence in the company’s creative direction.


  • Who is Kevin Dunn?
    • Kevin Dunn was the Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution for WWE.
  • When did Kevin Dunn leave WWE?
    • Dunn’s departure was reported around Christmas week.
  • What has been the reaction to Dunn’s departure?
    • The backstage reaction has been one of shock, with many talents unaware of his decision to leave.
  • Will Dunn be replaced by a single individual?
    • Reports suggest that his role might be split among several individuals.
  • What does Dunn’s departure mean for WWE?
    • It signifies a major change in WWE’s production approach and could be part of a broader transition within the company.
  • Did Kevin Dunn plan to leave WWE for another company?
    • There is no information suggesting that Dunn plans to work for another company.
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