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Bianca Belair: MASSIVE rumour regarding her WWE return

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The WWE Universe is abuzz with anticipation as rumours swirl about the impending return of one of its brightest stars, Bianca Belair.

The whispers have grown louder, and there’s a palpable excitement in the air. Here’s what we’ve gathered about the much-anticipated comeback of the “EST of WWE.”

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Bianca Belair: Hiatus and Return

Bianca Belair, known for her charisma and unique hair-whipping entrance, took a brief hiatus from the WWE. While she was away from the ring, she remained active, participating in WWE promotional activities.

The good news for her legion of fans is that her return is imminent. As the company gears up for its major events to conclude 2023, Bianca’s presence will undoubtedly add a significant boost.

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The Anticipated Comeback

Ringside News reported in September that WWE had charted out a plan for Bianca’s return. The wait has been long, but it’s believed that fans won’t have to wait much longer to hear her iconic entrance music.

There’s a strong buzz that Bianca could make her comeback as early as the upcoming Friday’s SmackDown. Moreover, her return aligns with the schedule of the November 4th Crown Jewel premium live event.

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A Glimpse into Bianca’s Future

Apart from her in-ring activities, there’s more in store for Bianca’s fans. WWE is launching a reality television show featuring Bianca Belair and her husband, Montez Ford.

This show is slated for a debut on Hulu in early 2024, offering fans an intimate look into the lives of this dynamic duo.

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Creative Direction Post-Return

Before her break, Bianca seemed to be on the cusp of a heel turn, a change in her character’s alignment.

It will be intriguing to see how WWE’s creative team reintegrates her into the storyline and whether they’ll continue with this narrative.

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  • When is Bianca Belair expected to return to WWE?
    • Bianca could potentially return as early as the upcoming Friday’s SmackDown.
  • What has Bianca been up to during her hiatus?
    • Apart from taking a break, she has been involved in WWE promotional activities.
  • Is there any other project featuring Bianca in the pipeline?
    • Yes, a reality television show starring Bianca and her husband, Montez Ford, is set to premiere on Hulu in early 2024.
  • Was there any hint about Bianca’s character direction before her break?
    • Yes, she seemed to be leaning towards a heel turn before her hiatus.

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