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Dax Harwood was ‘very, very upset’ with this Brock Lesnar match

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Kofi Kingston’s WWE championship win was a fairy tale. His championship run, however, didn’t turn out as great as most WWE fans had hoped/

A lot of people were upset when his run ended with a squash against Brock Lesnar on an episode of SmackDown, and Dax Harwood was one of them.

The former WWE star talked about it on the latest episode of his podcast (H/t WrestleZone). Dax revealed that he texted Kingston after his disheartening loss:

‘I was very, very upset, I remember that I texted Kofi, and actually it was a group text with the three of them, The New Day and myself and Dan [Cash Wheeler], and I apologized to him and said, I’m so sorry this happened to you, man.'”

Dax Harwood on Brock Lesnar match

Harwood explained that Kofi Kingston was constantly pitching ideas to Vince McMahon and trying to improve his run. The way his reign ended upset a lot of people in the locker room because of how hard The New Day member had worked on it:

“It broke all of our hearts that that’s where the championship was being taken. Because not anything to do with Brock. But because Kofi had worked so hard. And seeing someone work so hard for so long to get this opportunity taken away from him.’

It’s a shame that the company decided to end the reign of The New Day member this way, as it is pretty unlikely that we’ll see him get another shot at the top title again.

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Martin MacDonald