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Kurt Angle: “I’ve got offers from both AEW and WWE”

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WWE and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently revealed that he has had offers from both AEW and WWE to return to pro wrestling.

Speaking to WhatCulture Wrestling at WrestleCon 2022, Angle revealed what he is potentially looking for to return to television for either company.

“I’m leaving it open,” Angle began, discussing his future in wrestling. “I’ve gotten offers from both companies [WWE and AEW].

“I didn’t accept them, didn’t feel it was right at that particular time, but if they come up with something that I feel is worth it, I will do it” the former WWE Champion revealed.

Kurt Angle on AEW and WWE

It remains to be seen if Angle will be making a return to either company. It’s highly unlikely that we will ever see him actually wrestle again, but he could work as an on-screen personality.

Angle was apparently meant to return to WWE for a short run on television ahead of the Elimination Chamber PPV event, but this ended up getting nixed.

There’s still no reason that has been made public regarding the nixed angle, but it was reportedly a last-minute decision at the Royal Rumble back in January 2022.

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