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WWE Crown Jewel match breaks near-FIFTY YEAR record

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The WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Premium Live Event will be remembered for a historic moment that shattered a near-fifty-year record.

Logan Paul, a name synonymous with controversy and spectacle, has now etched his name into the annals of WWE history.

At the heart of this record-breaking event was Logan Paul’s remarkable victory over Rey Mysterio, which saw him capture his first-ever championship in WWE.

This wasn’t just any title win; it was one that broke a 48-year precedent. With the use of brass knuckles, Paul claimed the United States Championship, a feat that earned him plaudits from none other than WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H.

A Championship’s Journey Across Borders

The significance of Paul’s win is twofold. Not only did he secure the championship, but this was also the first time in the title’s 48-year history that it was won and lost outside the United States.

The United States Championship, first introduced in Jim Crockett Promotions in 1975 and later a staple mid-card championship in WCW, has always had a storied lineage.

When WWE reintroduced the title in 2003 following the Raw and SmackDown brand split, it maintained its historical continuity.

Paul’s victory in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Mysterio’s prior win in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, marked the first time the championship’s reign began and ended on foreign soil.

The Legacy of the United States Championship

The United States Championship has been a symbol of wrestling excellence for decades. Its holders are a who’s who of wrestling royalty, and its history is a tapestry of the sport’s evolution.

From its roots in the territorial days of Jim Crockett Promotions to its prominence in WCW, and its rebirth in WWE, the title has been a constant presence in the wrestling world.

Logan Paul’s recent triumph is not just a personal milestone but a new chapter in the championship’s storied existence.


  • What record did Logan Paul break at WWE Crown Jewel?
    • Logan Paul broke the record for the first time the United States Championship was won and lost outside of the United States in its 48-year history.
  • Who did Logan Paul defeat to win the championship?
    • Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to win the United States Championship.
  • Where was the United States Championship first introduced?
    • The United States Championship was first introduced in Jim Crockett Promotions in 1975.
  • Has the United States Championship always been part of WWE?
    • No, the United States Championship was a part of WCW and was reintroduced to WWE in 2003.
  • What does Logan Paul’s victory signify for WWE?
    • Logan Paul’s victory signifies a historic moment in WWE history, breaking a long-standing record and highlighting the global appeal of WWE events.
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