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Former WWE Superstar reveals what REALLY HAPPENED during infamous plane incident

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In a revealing interview, former WWE star Mansoor shed light on the much-discussed 2019 WWE Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, particularly focusing on the infamous plane incident that followed.

This incident, which involved an extensive delay of a chartered flight carrying WWE talent back to the USA, resulted in significant disruptions to WWE SmackDown and left many performers unsettled.

WWE News: The High Stakes of Mansoor’s Match

Mansoor, a Saudi-born wrestler who left WWE in late 2023, discussed his first major WWE appearance at the Crown Jewel 2019, where he faced Cesaro.

The match, he revealed, carried unexpected significance. “While I was at the show, people kept telling me, ‘Hey this match you have, it’s really important, don’t screw it up,'” Mansoor recalled during an interview with the Keepin’ it 100 podcast.

He later learned that the match’s outcome was potentially pivotal in a dispute between WWE and the Saudi Sports Authority over TV rights.

WWE News: The Mystery Behind the Plane Delay

The official reason given for the plane’s delay was a mechanical failure. However, Mansoor hinted at a more complex backdrop, involving the contract dispute between WWE and the Saudi Sports Authority.

While he didn’t explicitly confirm this as the cause of the delay, he implied that the match’s success might have influenced the negotiations.

Mansoor, with a touch of humour, chose his words carefully, acknowledging the influence of the Saudi government.

“My opinion is that, allegedly, the Saudi government can do whatever the hell it wants,” he joked, highlighting the delicacy of the situation.

Mansoor’s Careful Stance

Mansoor’s cautious approach in discussing the incident reflects the complex interplay of sports, politics, and business in international events like WWE Crown Jewel.

His experience underscores the pressures athletes face in high-stakes environments, where their performance can have implications far beyond the ring.


  • What was the official reason for the plane delay in 2019?
    • The official reason given was a mechanical failure.
  • Did Mansoor confirm the real reason behind the delay?
    • Mansoor did not explicitly confirm the reason but hinted at a link to the WWE and Saudi Sports Authority dispute.
  • What was at stake in Mansoor’s match against Cesaro?
    • The match was seen as crucial in the context of a dispute over TV rights between WWE and the Saudi Sports Authority.
  • How did Mansoor describe his approach to discussing the incident?
    • He was cautious and humorous, acknowledging the influence and power of the Saudi government.
  • What impact did the plane incident have?
    • It caused major disruptions to “WWE SmackDown” and left many WWE talents unsettled.
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