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WWE Superstar weighs in on SHOCK TNA Wrestling firing

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In an unexpected turn of events that has sent ripples through the wrestling community, TNA Wrestling announced the departure of Scott D’Amore from his position as president, a move that has left fans and industry insiders alike in a state of shock and speculation.

The news was particularly poignant for WWE Superstar Naomi, formerly known as Trinity in her TNA days, who took to social media to express her succinct yet powerful sentiment on the matter.

The Sudden Change at TNA Wrestling

Scott D’Amore, a name synonymous with TNA Wrestling since 2003, has played various pivotal roles within the company, from a road agent and creative team member to an on-screen presence with Team Canada.

His journey with TNA saw him leave in 2010, only to make a triumphant return in 2017, eventually climbing the ranks to become executive vice president and later president in March of the previous year.

This makes his recent firing not just a professional shift but an emotional blow to those who have seen TNA evolve over the years.

WWE News: Naomi’s Reaction to D’Amore’s Firing

Naomi, who has recently made her return to WWE, did not mince words when it came to her reaction to D’Amore’s firing.

Her statement, “We don’t play about @ScottDAmore! Ok bye,” though brief, speaks volumes about the respect and admiration D’Amore commands among wrestlers.

Naomi’s tenure in TNA was marked by significant achievements, including dethroning Mickie James as Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory, which adds weight to her words.

WWE News: The Aftermath and Industry Reaction

The details surrounding D’Amore’s exit remain scarce, with Anthony Cicione stepping in as his successor. The official press release from TNA Wrestling cited the termination of D’Amore’s contract, a decision that reportedly came as a surprise to many within the company.

The talent present at the announcement meeting expressed their frustration and unease, highlighting D’Amore’s respected status behind the scenes.

WWE News: Naomi’s Journey and Future Prospects

Naomi’s wrestling career, marked by her recent return to WWE and her official signing with the “WWE SmackDown” roster following her appearance at the women’s Royal Rumble match, continues to be a topic of interest for fans.

Her brief yet impactful stint in TNA Wrestling, culminating in her championship win and subsequent matches, remains a testament to her skill and versatility in the ring.


  • Who is Scott D’Amore?
    • Scott D’Amore is a wrestling executive and former on-screen talent, known for his long association with TNA Wrestling. He has held various roles, including executive vice president and president.
  • What was Naomi’s reaction to the firing?
    • Naomi expressed her support for Scott D’Amore with a brief statement on social media, indicating her respect and solidarity.
  • Who has replaced Scott D’Amore at TNA Wrestling?
    • Anthony Cicione has been named as Scott D’Amore’s successor following his departure from TNA Wrestling.
  • What has been the reaction within the industry?
    • The decision to terminate D’Amore’s contract was met with frustration and unease among TNA talent, reflecting his respected status within the company.
  • What are Naomi’s achievements in TNA Wrestling?
    • Naomi’s notable achievements in TNA include winning the Knockouts Championship by defeating Mickie James at Bound For Glory.
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