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Original plans for Kurt Angle’s birthday celebration

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This week’s episode of SmackDown was special for Kurt Angle. The company celebrated his 54th birthday during the show and the Olympic Gold Medallist got to recreate his famous milk truck segment with Gable Steveson in the main event of the episode.

Though according to Angle, himself, the original idea for this celebration was a little different.

The former world champion revealed some more details about this segment on his podcast. Angle first noted that it was him who pitched the celebration to WWE and the officials approved it. He then explained that originally the segment was going to feature more people:

‘They wanted me to do the milk truck segment again. They decided to have a bunch of heels talk about me during the show, all through the show, putting me down, and ripping on me. Then, in the end, they were coming out to the ring because I was supposed to have my celebration.

Kurt Angle on WWE RAW

The idea was for Kurt Angle to come down with the truck himself and spray all the heels with the milk instead of Gable Steveson coming to his aid:

“I don’t show up, and the heels are in the ring with all the birthday cake and everything, and I come in with milk truck and I go down and I spray them down. I tell them, ’˜Hey, you can’t have cake without milk.’ It’s awesome. When I was told this, I was so excited. Because that was my favourite moment in WWE.”

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Martin MacDonald