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Becky Lynch: Rumour killer on potential WWE creative

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WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has been touted as ‘carrying’ the WWE RAW Women’s Division, and a new report has called BS on that.

Insider Boozer Wrestling recently tweeted ‘BS’ in response to a claim by a fan who said that Rhea Ripley had done nothing for the company whilst Champion: “WWE are relying on Becky Lynch to carry the RAW Women’s Division while the actual champion, Rhea, has contributed little to nothing to the division itself since WrestleMania. Take Becky out, and that division would be dead in the water. She’s the life of the division right now.”

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Becky Lynch Rumours

It is quite bizarre so someone to genuinely point at Rhea Ripley and claim that she has ‘contributed little to nothing’ when her run has been extremely strong.

The Judgment Day, specifically Ripley and Dominick Mysterio, have arguably been the most intriguing and best acts on RAW over the past few months, so saying that Ripley hasn’t done anything is crass.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to see a feud between Lynch and Ripley at some point, as it was teased a few months ago and it would be a blockbuster program.

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