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Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle current odds and lines available

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Wrestling fans will be treated to a heavily anticipated matchup this coming October as Matt
challenged Seth Rollins to a special matchup at the WWE Extreme Rules event.

The WWE Extreme Rules event for 2022 will take place on the 8th of October at Wells Fargo in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Fans will be able to view the match from both the stands and on the Peacock streaming service in the United States and WWE Network elsewhere.

The Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle Feud

The initial feud started at RAW when Riddle interfered during the final moments of the Bobby
Lashley / Seth Rollins match for the U.S title. Riddle distracted Rollins long enough for Lashley
to take down Rollins.

Later the roles were reversed as Rollins had the same in mind during the Rey Mysterio & Riddle vs Finn Balor & Damien Priest. Eventually, they cost each other their matches, and since then, the feud only grew larger and more personal.

Both are eager to have a chance to prove themselves again in the ring, and this time at the
birthplace of the Extreme Rules event in the Fight Pit.

Former WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock has been involved with a back and forth on Twitter commenting on the match between the two. There were some hints made towards Shamrock appearing as a special guest referee for the match, to which fans responded well.

The Fight Pit Match

The Fight Pit match takes place inside a steel cage that has no ropes around the ring, previously used in NXT with the match between Timothy Thatcher and Tomasso Ciampa in 2020.

This will be the third ever Fight Pit Match as the two square off in this exciting match-up. Three matches have been made official at this year’s WWE Extreme Rules event. The current reigning WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan will face off against Ronda Rousey, Drew McIntyre will matchup against Karrion Kross, and then the Match between Matt Riddle and Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins. This will surely be an exciting event with loads of twists and turns.

Wrestling matches present some great online betting opportunities and add an extra layer of entertainment for fans worldwide. This match will be no different, and there are some bookmakers that have already released odds for this specific match.

The fans will no doubt be taking this opportunity to place some bets on the big anticipated match between Rollins and Riddle. When looking at some of the betting odds that have already been released, it is clear to see who the current favourite is. Let’s look at some of the odds on

offer from a few big bookmakers.

Current odds for the match

BetOnline gives Matt Riddle odds of 1.45 and Seth Rollins odds of 2.6, making Matt the clear
favourite here. BetUS, another big online betting provider, has given Matt Riddle odds of 1.59
and Seth Rollins odds of 2.3, still showing Matt Riddles as the clear favourite. There are many
online bookmakers to choose from when it comes to wrestling, and they also offer a wide range
of different odds for the same match.

People will no doubt be drawn to the betting sites offering the best odds for their pick to bet on, but looks can be deceiving, as some bookmakers are not all registered and legitimate. It’s always very important to make sure you are registering and placing your bets with companies that are licensed.

These are only a few of the betting sites and odds available when it comes to wrestling
matches, but when looking for better odds and more reliable bookmakers, it is best to make use
of betting companies with UK licenses.

There are some major UK-based betting sites to choose from that will adhere to UK betting rules and that hold the UK betting licenses, some of which are well known, like William Hill, Betfair, Unibet and bet365.

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