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WWE set to make BIG production changes

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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe is abuzz with the latest developments indicating a significant shift in the company’s production approach, particularly in its commentary lineup.

As we step into 2024, WWE is reportedly planning to implement a major change across its programming, which will notably affect the composition of its commentary teams.

WWE Two-Man Commentary Teams: A New Direction

According to PWInsider’s Dave Scherer, WWE is set to transition to two-man announce teams for all its shows.

This move marks a departure from the current format for SmackDown, which features a three-person team. Raw and NXT have already been operating with pairs at the commentary desk, but SmackDown’s trio, consisting of Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves, and Michael Cole, will reportedly see a reshuffle.

Michael Cole’s New Role on WWE RAW

The most significant impact of this change will be on veteran commentator Michael Cole. Known for his extensive experience and commanding presence, Cole has been a staple on WWE programming for years.

The new strategy will see Cole’s duties on SmackDown come to an end, with him moving exclusively to Raw.

This shift is not just a change in personnel but also a strategic move in the way WWE presents its narratives and engages with its audience.


  • What changes are coming to WWE’s production in 2024? The company is planning to switch to two-man announce teams across all its programming.
  • How will this affect Michael Cole? Michael Cole will end his commentary duties on SmackDown and move exclusively to Raw.
  • Why is WWE making these changes? The changes are part of WWE’s strategy to offer a more focused and dynamic commentary style, enhancing the viewer’s experience.
  • Will this affect the storytelling in WWE? Yes, the change in commentary teams is expected to bring a fresh perspective to WWE’s storytelling.
  • Is this a permanent change? As of now, it appears to be a strategic move for the foreseeable future, but WWE’s strategies can evolve based on audience reception and other factors.
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