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WWE Exclusive: Dream match is a long way off, but MORE LIKELY than Rock vs Roman

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A WWE Dream Match is still a long way off, but it appears to be way more likely than The Rock vs Roman Reigns happening in 2024.

Sean Ross Sapp reported back in 2023 that there were discussions backstage in the company regarding CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, which of course would be a massive deal.

One of our more tenured sources has indicated to us that “Austin vs Punk way more likely than Rock vs Roman at this point in time,” but that we aren’t exactly close to it happening either.

They also noted that “I doubt Rock wrestles anytime soon. They [WWE] definitely would like Austin vs Punk at some point if all parties agree, but nothing is ‘done’ though. It’s a LONG way off right now.”

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CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE Update

If the company are able to pull off getting CM Punk in the ring with Steve Austin, then it’s going to be one of the biggest matches we’ve seen in quite some time.

Punk vs Austin could easily headline a WrestleMania, and whilst it isn’t looking likely soon, there is a huge amount of revenue that could be generated from such a bout.

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