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WWE News: Bodycam Footage Released of Liv Morgan Arrest

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In a shocking turn of events in WWE news, the Law & Crime Network has released the bodycam footage of WWE star Liv Morgan’s arrest from last December.

The footage reveals the details of Morgan’s arrest for possession of marijuana and drugs. The video starts with a police officer pulling Morgan over for not staying in her lane.

As the officer approached, he noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from her vehicle.

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WWE News: Liv Morgan Arrest Footage Released

When questioned about the marijuana, Morgan admitted that while she had not been smoking, there was some in her car. The WWE star was visibly shaken as she spoke to someone on the phone, arranging for bail and explaining that a vape pen found in her car was not hers. She apologized for swerving and explained her situation.

Morgan was then asked to step out of the vehicle and was handcuffed by another officer. During the search, the officers found various items, including creams, hair products, cash, and wrestling shoes, but initially no marijuana.

It wasn’t until they discovered the vape pen and Morgan’s WWE ID that they realized who she was. The footage shows Morgan calling her boyfriend to come pick up her car.

The arrest, which took place in Florida, concluded with Morgan paying a fine of $543 after the state failed to provide substantial evidence for further charges. The release of this footage has stirred reactions among WWE fans and the general public, highlighting the ongoing issue of athletes and celebrities facing legal troubles.

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