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WWE RAW: CM Punk promo had MASSIVE changes for this reason

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In a recent episode of WWE RAW, fans witnessed a significant alteration to CM Punk and his massively anticipated promo segment, a move that has sparked considerable discussion among wrestling enthusiasts.

The changes, as confirmed by PWInsider, were not part of the original script but were necessitated due to unforeseen circumstances during the show.

CM Punk had his moment on WWE RAW cut short, leading to an abbreviated version of what was initially planned. The reason behind this sudden change was the preceding match between Randy Orton and Dominik Mysterio, which extended beyond its scheduled time.

This overrun left Punk with just over five minutes to deliver his message, significantly less than what was initially allocated.

CM Punk Promo: The Impact of Time Constraints

The time constraints had a noticeable impact on the content and delivery of Punk’s promo. Known for his eloquence and ability to connect with the audience, Punk had to adapt quickly to the reduced time frame.

Despite the brevity, he managed to convey his message, emphasising that his return to WWE was not about making friends but about making money.

This succinct yet powerful statement resonated with the audience, showcasing Punk’s skill as a performer under pressure.

Behind the Scenes: The Role of WWE Management

Interestingly, Paul Levesque (Triple H) was not present backstage during this episode of WWE RAW. The show was overseen by Bruce Prichard, adding another layer to the complexity of the situation.

The absence of Levesque, a key figure in WWE management, might have influenced how the situation was handled, though this remains speculative.

The Unrevealed Content of the Original CM Punk Promo

What remains a mystery is the content of Punk’s original promo. Fans and analysts are left to wonder what additional points or stories Punk intended to share.

The abbreviated promo leaves room for speculation and anticipation for future appearances, where Punk might reveal more about his intentions and goals in his current WWE stint.


  • Why was CM Punk’s promo on WWE RAW shortened?
    • The promo was shortened due to the preceding match between Randy Orton and Dominik Mysterio running over its allotted time.
  • What was the essence of Punk’s abbreviated promo?
    • Despite the time cut, Punk emphasized that he returned to WWE not to make friends but to make money.
  • Who was overseeing WWE RAW during this episode?
    • Bruce Prichard was overseeing the show, as Paul Levesque (Triple H) was not present backstage.
  • Has there been any revelation about the original content of Punk’s promo?
    • No specific details have been revealed about what Punk intended to say in the original, longer version of his promo.
  • What has been the reaction of fans to this change?
    • Fans have expressed a mix of disappointment and admiration, disappointed at missing out on a longer promo but admiring Punk’s ability to deliver a powerful message in a short time.
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