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Zoey Stark makes huge WWE claim

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Zoey Stark, the latest addition to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) RAW roster, made a confident declaration recently.

On the Bleav In Pro Wrestling podcast, Stark asserted her position as one of the top performers within WWE, showing no doubts about her capability to compete at a high level with seasoned performers on the RAW brand’‹.

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Triple H’s Belief in Zoey Stark and her Talent

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development, concurs with Stark’s view of her abilities.

Triple H’s confidence in Stark was evidenced when he propelled her into the current feud involving WWE legends, Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch.

This move underlines the WWE creative department’s faith in her talent, acknowledging her potential to make a significant impact on the show’‹.

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Stark’s Reaction to Her RAW Promotion

Zoey Stark’s promotion to the RAW brand was met with immense joy and tears of happiness. “I feel like I am one of the top performers that can really be in WWE,” Stark proclaimed.

The star described the night of her promotion as a thrilling and emotionally charged event, reflecting the significance of this milestone in her wrestling career’‹.

Stark’s Assurance from WWE Creative Department

The WWE creative department has shown its faith in Stark. Speaking on the trust placed in her, Stark said, ‘Hunter [Triple H] put me in this position because he knows I can handle it and hang with those two girls and I think I am proving myself right now.’ This statement underscores the mutual respect between the talent and the decision-makers at WWE’‹.

Zoey Stark: Opportunity to Prove Herself

Stark acknowledges the opportunity presented to her as a chance to establish her place within WWE. ‘I can’t fall short, this is it, it’s my one opportunity. I get one shot to prove to the world that I belong in the ring with those two, with a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer,” said Stark of Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus.

Her determination to make the most of this opportunity is clear, as she strives to prove her worth in the ring alongside two of the most respected performers in WWE history’‹.

As Zoey Stark continues her journey in WWE, her confidence, talent, and determination position her as a notable figure to watch in the wrestling world. Her journey is an embodiment of the adage that with talent, hard work, and an opportunity, anyone can rise to the top.

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