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WWE Superstars Who Lost Momentum in 2023

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Whilst 2023 has been one of the biggest years in the history of WWE, both in the ring and out, some Superstars have not been able to keep their momentum.

Even with multiple hours of television per week, there are always going to be people who fall between the cracks and don’t get the time they need to connect with the audience.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 WWE acts who have lost a ton of momentum in 2023:

WWE Superstars Who Didn’t Have a Great 2023

AJ Styles: A Phenomenal Decline

AJ Styles, a veteran known for his exceptional in-ring skills, had a less-than-stellar year. His involvement in significant matches, like the one for the inaugural World Heavyweight Championship, didn’t translate into a sustained push or notable storyline.

The reunion with the Good Brothers didn’t elevate his status as expected, leaving his 2023 run lacking memorable moments and significant achievements.

Karrion Kross: Fading Into Obscurity

Karrion Kross’s return to WWE initially sparked excitement and high expectations. However, as 2023 progressed, he struggled to maintain the initial momentum.

His character, which showed immense potential in WWE NXT, failed to resonate on the main roster. Lacklustre matches and diminishing TV time marked a year where Kross struggled to find his footing, leading to a noticeable drop in his card placement.

Nikki Cross’s Vanishing Act

Nikki Cross, known for her versatility and ability to adapt to various gimmicks, faced a challenging year. Once a prominent figure in title scenes and storylines, Cross found herself struggling for screen time in 2023.

Her character, which oscillated between different personas, unfortunately, became less impactful, leading to her fading into the background.

This decline in presence and storyline involvement marked a stark contrast to her earlier successes in WWE.

Sheamus: The Celtic Warrior’s Waning Force

Sheamus, renowned for his robust and aggressive wrestling style, couldn’t sustain the impressive momentum he built in 2022.

Despite a high-profile Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania 39, he experienced a gradual decline. Injuries partly contributed to his reduced prominence, but even before that, Sheamus seemed to lose his footing in the upper echelons of WWE’s card.

His journey from a dominant force to just another member of the roster was one of the more notable regressions of the year.

The Street Profits’ Diminished Spark

In the dynamic world of WWE, maintaining momentum is as crucial as gaining it. 2023 witnessed a surprising downturn for The Street Profits, a team once celebrated for their electrifying presence.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, who had the WWE Universe firmly in their corner, experienced a noticeable dip in their appeal.

Despite Ford’s potential as a breakout singles star, the duo’s trajectory didn’t ascend as expected. Their heel turn and alliance with Bobby Lashley failed to reignite their former glory, leaving them with significant ground to recover in 2024.


  1. Why did The Street Profits lose momentum in 2023?
    • The Street Profits struggled due to a lack of impactful storylines and an unsuccessful heel turn, which didn’t resonate with the audience as expected.
  2. What happened to Nikki Cross in 2023?
    • Nikki Cross faced a significant reduction in screen time and involvement in major storylines, leading to her character becoming less prominent.
  3. How did injuries affect Sheamus in 2023?
    • Injuries contributed to Sheamus’s reduced presence in the ring, but even before that, he had started losing his position as a top-tier wrestler.
  4. What was the issue with AJ Styles’ performance in 2023?
    • Despite his capabilities, AJ Styles was underutilized in 2023, with few memorable matches or storylines, leading to a less impactful year.
  5. Why did Karrion Kross struggle in 2023?
    • Karrion Kross’s character and in-ring performances didn’t resonate as well on the main roster as they did in NXT, leading to a decline in his TV presence and match quality.
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