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AEW Championship to be RETIRED next week on Dynamite

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In a surprising turn of events, the wrestling world is abuzz with the announcement that the FTW Championship will be retired on the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite.

The current champion, Jack Perry, has made the bold decision to hang up the title, marking a significant moment in AEW’s history.

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The Legacy of the FTW Championship in AEW

The FTW Championship, often referred to as the “unsanctioned” title, made its debut in AEW in July 2020 during the Fyter Fest event.

The title was introduced by Taz, a legendary figure in the wrestling world. This wasn’t the first time the FTW title made waves in the wrestling community.

Its origins trace back to 1998 when Taz introduced it in ECW. Interestingly, in ECW, the title was never officially recognized by the company, and Taz was both its first and last holder. He later unified it with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

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Journey of the FTW Title in AEW

Since its introduction in AEW, the FTW Championship has been held by notable wrestlers, including Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and HOOK.

Brian Cage had the honour of being its first champion in AEW. However, it was HOOK who lost the title to Jack Perry in a thrilling match on the July 19th, 2023, episode of AEW Dynamite.

Perry’s reign as the champion saw him successfully defend the title against the legendary Rob Van Dam.

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Jack Perry’s Historic Decision

On the August 16th episode of AEW Dynamite, Perry made a statement that left fans and fellow wrestlers in shock.

Proclaiming himself as the “greatest FTW Champion to have ever lived,” Perry expressed his desire to retire the championship.

He stated, “You can go ahead and call me Mr. Wednesday night because last week I defeated the legend Rob Van Dam. I am officially the greatest FTW Champion to have ever lived, but before some bozo comes along and tries to muck up the legacy that I’ve created, we are going to get out while we’re on top. Cos, the only thing better than being the greatest is being the last. So, next week, live on Dynamite, I’m going to retire the FTW Championship.”

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What Lies Ahead for AEW and the FTW Title?

The retirement ceremony of the FTW Championship appears to be scheduled to take place on the August 23rd episode of AEW Dynamite in Duluth, GA.

With Perry being the seventh holder of the FTW Championship, it’s intriguing to see how this decision will impact the landscape of AEW.

The title has had a rich history, with Taz holding it twice in ECW and Sabu being its second champion.

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