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AEW Collision: Tony Khan reveals who came up with the idea for the new Turner show

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On the wrestling front, there’s been a recent stir in the form of AEW Collision, a brand-new show making waves in the industry.

But what’s truly fascinating is the origin of the idea, which surprisingly came from a source somewhat outside the wrestling domain: Warner Bros. Discovery.

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The Pitch by Warner Bros. Discovery

AEW CEO Tony Khan divulged the background story of Collision’s creation during an interview with Barstool Rasslin.

Contrary to what one might expect, it was Warner Bros. Discovery who pitched the idea of the new show. Specifically, it was their CEO David Zaslav who came up with the concept.

This instance of a media conglomerate involving itself directly in the programming of a wrestling promotion is a refreshing deviation from the norm’‹.

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The Rationale behind AEW Collision

Khan explained the reasoning behind Warner Bros. Discovery’s suggestion. The company has been scheduling numerous successful wrestling shows on Saturdays while their pay-per-views have typically been on Sundays.

Thus, a Saturday night show seemed like a logical progression, fitting well into their already successful program routine.

The idea was to carry forward this winning formula and expand AEW’s presence on the weekend schedule’‹.

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The Impact of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Involvement

This development is particularly noteworthy due to the endorsement from a top executive like David Zaslav. This shows that Warner Bros. Discovery, a major player in the media world, has a considerable amount of confidence in AEW and its potential.

It’s a significant vote of confidence, and one that has left Khan, as well as the entire wrestling community, excited about the future prospects of AEW and its new show, Collision’‹.

The Historical Significance

The decision to air the show on TNT on Saturday nights also carries a historical echo. This move harkens back to the successful wrestling programming of the 90s on the Turner Networks.

Back in 1995, it was Ted Turner who saw the potential of wrestling on TV and initiated the idea of broadcasting the show on TNT.

Now, in a similar vein, Zaslav’s decision to put AEW Collision on TNT seems to be a continuation of that legacy, marking a new era of wrestling television’‹.

Looking Forward: The Future of AEW Collision

The birth of AEW Collision under the aegis of Warner Bros. Discovery marks a promising turn for wrestling programming. With the backing of a media giant and the excitement it has generated among fans and industry insiders, AEW Collision seems poised for success.

Only time will tell how this venture will unfold, but for now, the anticipation is high, and the world of wrestling waits with bated breath for the next chapter in the AEW saga.

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