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WWE Commentator makes BIG claim regarding Adam Cole’s new AEW faction

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In a recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T shared his insights on the evolving landscape of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), particularly focusing on Adam Cole’s new faction.

His comments have sparked considerable interest in the wrestling community, as he likened Cole’s group to WWE’s renowned faction, The Bloodline.

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WWE Commentator Booker T’s Perspective on New AEW Developments

Booker T, a respected voice in professional wrestling, discussed various topics, including Samoa Joe’s triumph as the AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Booker T’s predictions about Joe’s success in AEW, which he had made months earlier, turned out to be remarkably accurate.

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The Significance of Adam Cole’s New Faction

The crux of Booker T’s discussion, however, centred on Adam Cole’s new faction in AEW. After revealing himself as ‘The Devil’, Cole’s new group has become a topic of significant intrigue.

Booker T expressed that if handled correctly, this faction could become a historic part of AEW, potentially mirroring the impact of The Bloodline in WWE: “I mean, this thing could be historic. If they do it right, it really could. This could be their Bloodline.”

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  • Who is Booker T?
    • Booker T is a WWE Hall of Famer and a respected commentator in professional wrestling.
  • What did Booker T say about Adam Cole’s new faction?
    • He suggested that Adam Cole’s new faction in AEW could be as significant as The Bloodline in WWE if managed correctly.
  • What is The Bloodline?
    • The Bloodline is a prominent faction in WWE, known for its influence and dominance.
  • Why is Adam Cole’s new faction significant?
    • It represents a potential shift in AEW’s narrative and could lead to new and exciting storylines.
  • What did Booker T say about Samoa Joe?
    • He praised Joe’s performance and dedication, highlighting his deservingness of the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.
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