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WWE legend thinks Collision may GET CANCELLED without CM Punk

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Booker T doesn’t know how much longer Collision may last without CM Punk. AEW took on a huge challenge when they agreed to run a weekly show on Saturday. This is why the promotion had to heavily rely on the biggest draw in the company’s history – CM Punk.

The Straight Edge star was pretty much given free rein to run the show as he liked and it only featured people who had a good relationship with the former WWE champion.

With the former WWE Superstar being fired from the company, however, many have wondered if Collision will be able to survive. Last week’s episode of the show only added to the speculation as it drew a record-low rating of 345,000 average viewers for its two hours.

What’s worse for the company is that the opening quarter drew an average of 472,000 viewers but almost 89,000 of them tuned out after Tony Khan announced the news of Punk’s termination.

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Booker T questions Collision’s future without CM Punk

The WWE Hall of Famer talked about this steep decline in the Collision rating on his Hall of Fame Podcast. He questioned whether it will be worth it for AEW to even produce the show without Punk:

“So I don’t know if that show is going to last too much longer. I do know they’re spending money to make it happen. I know that show is not happening for free or anything like that. So I don’t know. I don’t know. CM Punk definitely — If that many people dropped off, CM Punk was definitely a part of that, that of the viewer base that was watching the show.”

Booker T later blamed Tony Khan for the whole ordeal. He claimed that the AEW President backed himself into the situation by giving Punk the keys to the kingdom:

“Tony Khan kind of backed himself into this situation, though. I mean, I don’t think Tony Khan has anybody to blame but himself. Not trying to bring Tony Khan — he backed himself into this situation, hiring CM Punk, pretty much giving him the keys to the castle and saying, ‘Man, whatever you want because we’re looking for ratings. We need the ratings.’ And he got what he paid for. It’s just that simple.”

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