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CM Punk: Relationship with AEW reportedly at ‘BREAKING POINT’

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CM Punk and his relationship with Tony Khan might be reaching a ‘breaking point’ after All In.

The story of the ‘real’ world champion’s backstage altercation with Jack Perry has been a big topic of discussion among fans since last Sunday. There are many versions of the story being reported by different outlets and fans have been trying to decide which of the two parties is at fault for the latest controversy.

A new report, however, adds a completely new angle to the whole drama, which could have serious implications on Punk’s future in the company.

CM Punk: Confrontation with Tony Khan

PWTorch is reporting that before Perry, CM Punk actually had a confrontation with Tony Khan himself. The Straight Edge Star was apparently upset at ‘being abandoned’ at the airport by management. He reportedly ‘chewed out’ Khan over his issues before the show:

“PWTorch has learned Punk confronted TK in front of others and then in his locker room in what has been characterized as a heated, intense manner and, at one point, according to three sources who have heard about the situation, told Khan he quit and chewed out Khan with harsh phrasing.”

This heated exchange is the reason why Tony Khan and Punk did not have any communication after his match with Samoa Joe, opposite to how things have been in the past:

“After his match, there was an extended period of time without communication between Punk and Khan, which is unusual given in past situations the two at least communicated via text after blow-ups or backstage situations. We haven’t heard if there has been communication since then.”

CM Punk was later informed of his suspension from the company via his lawyer instead of the message being relayed by TK himself.

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