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AEW star defends Dynamite match after WORST MATCH EVER claims

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Dustin Rhodes, a seasoned professional in the wrestling arena, has witnessed the ebb and flow of numerous wrestling companies over the decades, including AEW and WWE.

His resilience and dedication to the sport are unquestionable. However, he recently found himself in the midst of a storm, defending a match that many labelled as the “worst match ever.”

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The AEW Texas Chainsaw Massacre Match: A Recap

On August 16th, AEW Dynamite showcased the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match, a bout that pitted Jeff Jarrett against Jeff Hardy.

The match was not just a typical wrestling event; it was a spectacle that even saw an unexpected appearance from the iconic Leatherface character, portrayed by Dean Alexander.

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The Backlash and Rhodes’ Retort

The match, despite its unique theme and presentation, was not well-received by a section of the audience. Many were quick to criticise, deeming it the “worst match ever.”

However, Dustin Rhodes was not one to remain silent. Taking to Twitter, he expressed his views candidly, emphasising that he found the match highly entertaining. He even humorously mentioned a past match of his, hinting that if there was a contender for the “worst match” title, it might be one of his own from the past.

Rhodes’ tweet read: “I thought the Texas Chainsaw match was entertaining as heck. People saying it was the worst match ever are mistaken. Remember my match in the back of a moving 18-wheeler with a cage? That was something! We did great, and it was entertaining. Lighten up, folks. #AEWDynamite.”

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More Than Just a Match

It’s essential to note that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match was not just a random event. It was a promotional tie-in for an upcoming video game bearing the same name.

The match also managed to secure over $100,000 in sponsorship for AEW. Tony Khan, a notable figure in AEW, later announced that these funds would be generously donated to the Maui Foodbank.

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