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Jon Moxley accused of DUCKING former WWE and AEW star

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Matt Cardona, once known to WWE fans as Zack Ryder, has recently thrown a significant accusation towards Jon Moxley.

Cardona claims that Moxley has been avoiding him, especially after their encounter at GCW The Art of War Games in 2021.

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Cardona’s Rise on the Independent Circuit

After his release from WWE in 2020, Matt Cardona didn’t let his wrestling journey end.

Instead, he embraced the independent circuit and even earned himself the title of ‘Indy God’. His prowess was evident when he defended his GCW World Title against Frank The Clown back in 2021, defeating him in a rather swift manner.

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Jon Moxley: Surprise Appearance

However, that victory was short-lived. As Cardona was basking in his win, Jon Moxley made an unexpected appearance. To the shock of many, Moxley defeated Cardona, snatching the GCW World Title from him.

Speaking on the Battleground Podcast, Cardona didn’t hold back his feelings. He expressed his frustration about not only losing his title to Moxley but also the fact that he hasn’t been given a rematch.

Cardona stated, “I was screwed. I had a gruelling one-on-one encounter with Frank the Clown. It took everything I had to beat Frank, one of the toughest competitors in the game. Just as I’m celebrating, thinking I had won, out comes Moxley, who screws me. I wasn’t ready. Even though I’m always ready, I wasn’t ready at that moment.”

He further added his disappointment about not getting a rematch against Moxley or anyone else for the title. Cardona firmly believes that either GCW or AEW should book this rematch.

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The Future for Cardona and Jon Moxley

While Cardona has voiced his desire for a rematch, it remains uncertain if and when this face-off will happen.

Interestingly, Cardona also hinted at a potential return to WWE in the future. Whether this means a showdown between Moxley and Cardona in a WWE ring is something fans can only speculate about.

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Fans Weigh In

The wrestling community is buzzing with opinions. Some believe Cardona deserves a rematch, while others feel it’s just part of the unpredictable world of wrestling.

As with all things in the wrestling world, only time will tell how this story unfolds.

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