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HUGE Rap Star’s son RIPS AEW for “making” talent diss WWE

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, the lines between reality and fiction often blur. Recently, the wrestling community witnessed a significant controversy involving Saraya, a former WWE superstar, and her transition to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The heart of the matter? A promo that seemed to force Saraya to criticise her former employer, WWE.

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Saraya’s Transition to AEW

Saraya’s journey in WWE is etched in the annals of wrestling history. Over the past decade, she has been a pivotal figure in women’s wrestling.

However, her move to AEW was not without its challenges. After making her debut in AEW’s ‘Dynamite: Grand Slam’, Saraya soon found herself in the eye of a storm.

In a subsequent promo, she expressed her relief at finally having a boss who listens to her in AEW. This statement, seemingly a jab at WWE, stirred up a hornet’s nest online.

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The Controversy Unfolds

While Saraya’s comment might have been seen as a mere promotional tactic, it didn’t sit well with many. The backlash was swift, with fans and critics alike questioning the intent behind her words.

Saraya herself expressed regret, indicating she hadn’t intended to criticise WWE. The wrestling community’s sentiment was clear: let’s enjoy both AEW and WWE without pitting them against each other.

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Ice Cube’s Son Weighs In

The controversy took an unexpected turn when O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of rap legend Ice Cube, voiced his opinion.

Jackson expressed his initial excitement for AEW but felt disheartened when the brand seemingly started taking shots at WWE.

He was particularly upset about the perception that Saraya was forced to criticise WWE, something she didn’t want to do.

Jackson’s comments highlight the fine line wrestling promotions tread between entertaining fans and maintaining respect for competitors.

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AEW’s Future Moves

With the controversy still fresh, all eyes are on Saraya’s next steps in AEW. There’s speculation about her challenging for the AEW Women’s Championship at the upcoming ‘All In’ event on August 27th.

Given the momentum she’s garnered, it’s a possibility fans are eagerly anticipating.

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