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Adam Cole

Explore the illustrious journey of wrestler Adam Cole, from his early days in CZW to his achievements in ROH, NXT, and AEW.
Adam Cole AEW Render 2023

Adam Cole, whose real name is Austin Kirk Jenkins, is a name that resonates with wrestling enthusiasts around the world. Born on July 5, 1989, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this American professional wrestler has carved a niche for himself in the wrestling arena. With a career that spans multiple wrestling promotions, Cole’s journey is nothing short of spectacular.

Early Life

Growing up in Manheim, Jenkins was not just another kid with dreams. He was passionate about karate during his childhood and took to wrestling during his high school days at Manheim Central High School. Interestingly, he even dropped out in his senior year to save money for professional wrestling training. This decision marked the beginning of his dedication to the sport.

Wrestling Beginnings

Jenkins began his wrestling training at the Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Academy under the guidance of D.J. Hyde and Jon Dahmer. His debut in CZW in June 2008 was as a tag team partner with the Reason. Although they lost to GNC, this was just the start for Jenkins. He went on to have a long-term feud with GNC, partnering with multiple wrestlers. However, his association with Tyler Veritas was notable, and together they aimed for the CZW Tag Team Championship. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t clinch the title. Jenkins, now known as Adam Cole, later secured the CZW World Junior Championship in May 2010, holding it for an impressive 553 days.

Multiple Promotions

While making a name for himself in CZW, Cole didn’t limit himself to one promotion. He showcased his talent in MCW, WXW, Ground Breaking Wrestling, Evolve, Dragon Gate USA, Chikara, and East Coast Wrestling Association, to name a few.

Ring of Honor (ROH)

Cole’s debut in ROH in February 2009 was a significant milestone. After signing a contract with the company, he formed an alliance named Future Shock with Kyle O’Reilly. Their tag team journey was commendable, but it was Cole’s solo journey that caught everyone’s attention. He secured the ROH World Television Championship in 2012 and later set his sights on the ROH World Championship. His determination paid off when he won the title by defeating Michael Elgin.

Bullet Club and Beyond

In May 2016, Cole joined the Bullet Club, a decision that added another feather to his cap. He teamed up with The Young Bucks to form The Superkliq and had notable matches in both ROH and NJPW. However, tensions within The Bullet Club led to Cole’s exit from the group and subsequently from ROH.

The Undisputed Era and NXT

2017 saw Cole signing with WWE’s NXT brand. He, along with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, formed The Undisputed Era. Cole’s time in NXT was marked with significant achievements, including becoming the longest-reigning NXT Champion. However, internal conflicts within The Undisputed Era led to its disbandment.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

Cole’s contract with WWE expired in 2021, and he chose not to renew it. His interest in joining All Elite Wrestling was evident, marking the next chapter in his illustrious career.

In conclusion, Adam Cole’s journey in the wrestling world is a testament to his dedication, skill, and passion for the sport. From his early days in CZW to his time in ROH, NXT, and now AEW, Cole continues to be a force to reckon with in the wrestling arena.