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WWE Hall of Famer wants TNA to BRING BACK iconic gimmick

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In a recent episode of “The Kurt Angle Show,” WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle shared his thoughts on the potential return of the six-sided ring in TNA Wrestling.

Angle, a celebrated figure in the wrestling world, has a unique perspective on this topic, having had a distinguished career in both WWE and TNA.

Kurt Angle: His TNA Legacy

After a remarkable seven-year tenure with WWE, Kurt Angle transitioned to TNA Wrestling, marking one of the company’s most significant signings.

His time in TNA was not only longer but also highly acclaimed, with Angle securing the TNA Heavyweight Championship six times and earning a spot in TNA’s Hall of Fame.

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The Six-Sided Ring: A Game Changer

Angle believes that reintroducing the six-sided ring could be a positive move for TNA Wrestling. He explained that the ring’s unique design contributes to a faster-paced and more action-packed wrestling experience.

The smaller ring size means less dead time and more dynamic interactions between wrestlers. This format, according to Angle, could bring a fresh and exciting element to TNA’s matches:

“I think it’s a great idea, the six-sided ring is a lot faster. Guys are coming off the ropes quicker because it’s a smaller ring. I think that is why TNA is action-packed because there’s not a lot of dead time. When you’re in there, you bounce off the ropes, one step, one-and-a-half steps, and you’re going to step into the opponent that’s going to end up throwing you.”

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TNA Rebranding and Future

With TNA’s rebranding efforts, including the return to its former moniker starting at the “Hard To Kill” event, there’s a growing curiosity about what changes might accompany this shift.

The six-sided ring, a symbol of TNA’s distinct identity in the past, could be a key part of this transformation.

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  • What is the six-sided ring?
    • It’s a unique wrestling ring with six sides, used previously by TNA Wrestling.
  • Why does Kurt Angle support its return?
    • Angle believes it makes matches faster-paced and more action-packed.
  • Has Kurt Angle competed in a six-sided ring?
    • Yes, during his tenure with TNA Wrestling.
  • Will TNA definitely bring back the six-sided ring?
    • While there’s interest, an official decision hasn’t been announced yet.
  • How does the six-sided ring change wrestling matches?
    • It alters the dynamics and pacing, requiring different techniques from wrestlers.
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