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Kurt Angle reveals SURPRISING MONEY OFFER from UFC he declined

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Kurt Angle has revealed the surprising amount of money UFC offered him for an MMA fight.

The Olympic Gold Medallist was one of the toughest wrestlers of his era. With his amateur background, it’s not surprising that many combat sports companies were interested in signing him during his earlier years. This included UFC as well.

The WWE Hall of Famer revealed in an interview with ESPN that UFC had offered him a contract before he signed with WWE in 1998. Though he was only offered $150,000 for a 15-match contract, and so Kurt Angle declined:

“I love fighting, but I don’t love it that much to get my butt kicked for 15 grand [per fight], So, I decided to go to WWE and when I got there, I had so much success early on.”

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Kurt Angle: More UFC offers

This wasn’t the only time Kurt Angle was offered a UFC deal. He was in talks with the company during his TNA days as well but the negotiations fell through because UFC wanted him to leave TNA.

Angle received the last of the three offers in 2009 to take part in the Ultimate Fighter reality show for $500,000. This time Kurt even started training for the job but he realized that he couldn’t do it anymore:

“I started training for it a little bit and I realized, ‘I’m past my prime, I can’t do this,’ So, I had to turn it down. But I’m very grateful for the offers Dana White gave me. He is an incredible person.”

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