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How Lady Gaga massively influenced top AEW star

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Thunder Rosa is currently sidelined due to a back injury, but she recently talked about Lady Gaga and her influence on her career.

Before her unfortunate hiatus, she held the coveted title of AEW Women’s Champion. Despite the setback caused by the injury, her journey to the top echelons of wrestling was nothing short of impressive.

Rosa had already made her mark on the independent wrestling scene and the NWA before officially signing with AEW in 2021. Her talent and prowess in the ring were undeniable, earning her regular appearances in the promotion throughout 2020’‹.

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The Influence of Sarah Stock

In a conversation with John Howell, Rosa shed light on the individuals who had a significant impact on her wrestling career. She mentioned Sarah Stock, a coach, and agent, as one of her primary influences.

Stock, who transitioned from Canada to Mexico, became a superstar in Mexico. Her journey, learning the language and everything there was to being a luchadora, was something Rosa deeply resonated with. Not being an American or a native English speaker when she first moved to the country, Rosa saw herself in Stock’s journey and felt inspired by her success in a foreign land. Stock officially joined AEW in March 2023 after being released by WWE’‹.

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Lady Gaga: An Unconventional Inspiration

Apart from the wrestling world, Thunder Rosa drew inspiration from the entertainment industry. She named the pop icon Lady Gaga as a significant influence. “Lady Gaga, she really inspired me to really push the envelope and go further. Sometimes you make people uncomfortable with that,” she shared in an interview with John Howell.

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A Highly Anticipated Return

The details of Rosa’s return to the ring remain unclear. However, she was touted as one of the headlining performers of AEW Collision when the show was officially announced, suggesting that fans and organizers alike eagerly anticipate her return.

Her journey, marked by resilience, tenacity, and a constant urge to ‘push the envelope,’ much like her idol Lady Gaga, makes Thunder Rosa a truly remarkable figure in the wrestling world’‹.

Thunder Rosa’s return to the wrestling ring is eagerly awaited. With her continued commitment to pushing the envelope, influenced by the likes of Sarah Stock and Lady Gaga, fans can expect her to come back stronger and more determined than ever before.

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